Benjamin McChrystal Plimmer

Art is whatever you want it to be.  As an artist, whatever you claim as art, is art, it might not be conventional or even good but it’s definitely art.  A more intriguing question is what is an artist?
This artist is usually known as Benjamin McChrystal Plimmer, a contemporary art student currently at Salford University on the Visual Arts course.



Believing an action is a more natural way of expression his art usually plays with the performative and interactive.  Always with the audience in mind for creating performances and interventions that disrupt everyday normality, whether or not the audience like it, or even consider it as art; they are a part of it.  So far, while at Salford he made placards for the student demonstrations, one of which was unofficially displayed in Tate Britain, and has done two performance pieces called ‘Infliction’, based on answers to the question: ‘What would you most like to change about yourself?’

bit slimmer

bit slimmer

Pre Salford his work was a protest performance in Manchester city centre and a site specific, obstructive tunnel structure made of hazard tape.  Currently he is doing a write up documentation of the second ‘Infliction’ performance with familiar Henri Rroberts.

tape tunnel

tape tunnel

He likes to observe everyday human behaviour, is quietly spoken and often looks lost in time, like he doesn’t know where he’s going, but at least we know it won’t be boring.


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