Gabrielle Anderson

My work is primarily a surreal view of my own life, my experiences and encounters. It draws heavily upon a journal which feeds and perpetuates what would otherwise seem a very eclectic mix of work and materials. I am also intrigued with perception, realities and states of being which has been a constant theme throughout. My artwork has also grown to include not just more traditional mediums like illustration, painting and sculpture but now encompasses installation and performance/immersion type work. I also design and paint sets for a drama society which is a surreal experience in itself.

I hope to achieve a mutual understanding between myself and the audience to my work, give them an insight into my world, to help them to experience my feelings and situations. Creating it has become a compulsion, a need.

Work recently has included the collaborations with Rob Maclese in the Institute of Neurological Deviance, work based around our experiences with the medical profession and Anecdote, performed at Frieze Art Fair.

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More information and work can be found on my website at

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