Meshach Brencher

Individually isn’t articulate enough to define but presents hints of different characterstics and qualities in relation to me
But only brought together as a juxtaposition, can it present the focus of total conflict of reality. Mine
I’m an individual existing in my own developed model of thinking but how significant can it really be if the structured model of thinking which is the pathway to many juxtaposed ideas and influences in this life to live by (good and bad) has a more empowering significance?
In recent years my course of media has been performance art (using video, spoken word, poetry, live art, sound). The pieces of work themselves speak a language and communicate in many ways I could not construct verbally. Art itself in my view as a whole is so unique because it potentially can give anyone that opportunity to reveal this through a wide range of ideas and processes, that can challenge all ways in which we recognise for the way they appear to us then and thereafter.

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