Robert James Maclese

Intervention in outward reality starts with the perception the general consensus has with both the artist and their own surroundings. As an artist I look to play or interfere with that perception and play and interfere with all our surroundings.

Robert James Maclese Father

Robert James Maclese Father

The work of Robert James Maclese aims to engage the viewer with his interpretation of self, of what self means to ourselves and what it means to others. Perceptions are altered by our outward facade, who we associate with, who we shun and who fights their way in. Working through many media ranging from performance to film to sculpture to paint, this photographer and artist uses whatever medium brings the message home.

Robert James Maclese Blog

Rob Maclese has also been an advertising & commercial photographer for over twenty years, appearing in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally. A selection of his work can be found on his website

Most recently Rob has been working with Gabrielle Anderson on projects such as The Institute of Neurological Deviance & Anecdote. The Institute work is an examination of the medical profession taken from the personal experiences of both Rob and Gabrielle. This involves all sorts of media including web based work, performance and printed media. Anecdote is a recently engaged Intervention which took place at Frieze Art Fair, and Regents Park London.

Recently graduated from Salford University ( Visual Art BA (Hons))

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