Tracy Hurst

Making art is my fundamental reason to exist. Ideas germinate and I nurture them into works of art. The work is conceptual. Thus a variety of mediums; film, photography, sculpture, performance and installation are employed.

Early work explored issues of identity. This was superseded by a complex investigation in the work Shoot! (2009) of the nature of relationships: from investigating the essence of self to that of the self interacting with and changing when involved in a destructively passionate relationship.

Next came the concept piece: Inspiration. This work scrutinized the relationship between me and my art: what inspires me? What is the very essence of my core, my being, my existence?

Sexuality, the power struggle between male and female, the penetrated and the penetrator, procreation and recreation, the life force creating and  destroying, living, dying, being alive all encompassed in the phrase: cocks cunts conflict. Presented in various formats: brash, fluorescent orange, vinyl lettering, helium silver letter balloons and delicately engraved letters on a silver ring. The art is stark.

In Stuck! a sculptural and photographic body of work, the ephemeral nature of existence is explored.In terms of existence what remains of a person in any moment of given time? Dialectical materialism indicates a state of perpetual flux. How then can an individual be marked as existing at any given moment in time? These perplexing concerns resulted in me  looking at what remains in spaces when individuals have passed through.I discovered that a mini DNA footprint in the form of chewing gum encapsulated uniquely an individual’s identity.

The humble chewing gum elevated to the status of portrait.

All of my work is diverse in end product. However, the themes are constant. Universal ‘big bang’  themes about being… a human being.

 ‘ I create

Therefore, I Art.’ 

Tracy Hurst 2007

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Tracy Hurst is currently based at Cow Lane Studios

Tracy also has her own web site where you can find out more about her and her practice


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