Sounds From The Other City

ur:recently stepped out of its usual confines and into the streets of Salford for ‘Sounds From The Other City‘, (

ur:performance were asked to come up with some new and interesting engagements for this event. An event designed to cast light onto Salford, the much ignored city next door to its much bigger brother Manchester. Salford too often is associated with social deprivation, an industrial city in the north of England with a proud heritage and people. With far more to offer than is generally recognised.

One of these engagements was to turn the usual adage of “Go to London, where the streets are paved with gold” on its head. Now; Come to Salford, where the streets are literally paved with gold.

Here are some photographs showing our work in production……….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We should thank those who stopped, borrowed our guitar and broke out into spontaneous song. It was much appreciated. As were the many voices of encouragement throughout the day.

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