Tonight in Manchester………..

Firstly of course thank you to everyone who took part and attended ‘Purple‘. We will be showing full documentation here very soon once we have gathered all the images and film we can. To get an idea of those that have surfaced already then take a look at our Facebook page.

Tonight though you can catch Rosanne Robertson performing at Penthouse NQ, the projected she has started up with Debbie Sharp. Rosanne gave us a sneak preview of her new incredibly powerful performance at ‘Purple‘, well worth catching.

Open House‘ will take place tonight March 1st. ‘Open House #1‘ presents recent workings out and results from The Penthouse by a selection of recent Penthouse artists:

Rosanne Robertson
Debbie Sharp
Natalie Finnemore
Gary Fisher
Coryn Smethurst
Sandra Bouguerch



Also tonight you can catch Andy Parker and Kate Lucy, Andy is a present member of ur:and Kate a pervious member.


The theme that connects them in this project is an ongoing quest to capture a feeling of what they define as ‘human-ness’ within their art work; a notion of the person featured whether it is within a figurative portrait of an actual person or the impression left behind by someone’s presence or actions.

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And so Yellow night was

Well Yellow.

The night went exceptionally well. Andy Parker produced, The Absence, limited edition prints which later on in the night featured in the Yellow raffle. Benjamin McChrystal Plimmer performed, Yellow Communication Etiquette. You’ll have seen him at numerous locations throughout the night. There was the video, Chicken Poetry 2011 from The Lucy Family, projected onto the main stage. Meshach Brencher performed, Mind Blowing, throughout the night. If you didn’t somehow see him, you’ll have no doubt have heard him. The Institute of Neurological Deviance* were there with Olfactory Modality. Guests asked to sample Yellow, or not, smells through their medical equipment and procedures. We had an installation from Helmut Lemke, Praise the Humble Canary, the Friend of all Miners. Jane Lawson gave us, The Liver Cleansing Callisthenics performance. A huge advance in health for those who took part. Giallo was by Benjamin McChrystal Plimmer & Guida D’Addazio. There were Yellow trays everywhere with Yellow shots, Yellow food in the form of Dahl and rice. Tracy Hurst had us Cracking Eggs. The Lucy Family were also there live with, Talking Bees, which was quite literally just that. Helmut Lemke gave us the soundings, Listen To My Lemon(s). Everyone there will have seen the guest appearance of Sarah Coggrave, but maybe have not realised it was her. GRØNE HØNER the video documentation was by Helmut Lemke. Guest appearance by Paul Haywood presenting, Yellow Card. A perfomance with a truly beautiful end Yellow product. Last on our list was Ian Johnstone, Talking Chicken with his live hen explaining all that is chicken. You’ll have seen him all through the night accompanied by his hen.

If you didn’t make it down, this was some of what you missed, don’t miss the next one! Red.

If you did come down, have you seen the video produced by Andrea Marcaccio & Nikola Brunelli ? Can you see yourself in there?

*The Institute of Neurological Deviance are Robert James Maclese & Gabrielle Anderson