John Lynch at ‘Purple’

Our next artist to be named for Wednesday night, presenting his work ‘Purple in a Frame‘…….John has had a lengthy career in the IT industry as a systems analyst, designer and engineer as well as a trainer, presenting courses and seminars throughout the world. He has always had a keen interest in the creative world, but has only recently changed from a keen follower to a practitioner. Undertaking the Interactive Arts program at MMU John is an ideas led artist that uses any appropriate medium to realise his work. As well as producing work John has curated and presented exhibitions, most recently at Didsbury Parsonage, working as part of a small team to present “Div\sion of Power”. Though much of his work has serious intent, “Purple in a Frame” is meant to be simple, absent of meaning, and hopefully, simply nice to look at.

The below photograph is of a work produced for Didsbury Parsonage. It is a Victorian photograph transferred to glass. In this example you can look at Didsbury Parsonage library as it is today, through the image of how it existed over one hundred years ago. The view can align the image and the scene almost exactly. The artist is not aware of any work of this type being produced before.