Rosanne Robertson at Purple this Wednesday 27th

Rosanne Robertson is an artist often using action and sound.

Robertson was recently selected as an emerging live artist and provocateur of Manchester by Doodlebug for Dazed and Confused.

“For me Rosanne’s very much a ‘doodlebug’, that is to say, a provocateur who tirelessly works across all platforms, creating work by any medium necessary and who works beneath the skin,”

– Michael Anthony Barnes-Wynters (aka Doodlebug).

We’ve been trying to get Rosanne to perform one of her works within our ur:nights for a while, and finally we have her. This is a busy time for Rosanne as she has just been setting up the Penhouse NQ; “A new not for profit artist’s space in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. A place for making, doing, sharing and showing”, which I recently visted. They are welcoming of visitors and have plenty of initiatives for artists to become involved with, I know Sandra Bouguerch is contributing to their ‘sound archive’ project and there are various residences for those wishing to spread their wings. This is bound to become a thriving art enclave, the views across the city rooftops and boundless light streaming in is sure to inspire anyone working on those beautiful wood block floors. Don’t just take my word for it, their website tells much more (

There is more to Rosanne Robertson though, take a look at her website ( to get an idea of where she is coming from with her art practice, or keep up to date with her through Twitter, (