Documentation of ‘White’: Film, Sound, Music & Stills.


This gallery contains 145 photos.

Firstly: Thank you to all those that supplied documentation of ‘White’, it is much appreciated as of course it is difficult to capture everything as it happens whilst also completing your own work. A special thank you should go to … Continue reading

More Documentation of White – Sandra Bouguerch

Sandra Bouguerch has posted this documentation of her performance at our recent White night. You can find this and more work from Sandra through her video feed at Vimeo or just follow her on Twitter for her latest updates.

<p><a href=”″>EYES WIDE SHUT CLOSE UP</a> from <a href=””>Sandra Bouguerch (MUSE)</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Thank You White

A big thank you to all those that came to and appeared in White.

Pictures are starting to appear on our Facebook page, and I’m posting a few here I managed to take in between performing. We will put together a full documentation of the night in the very near future.

We had a particularly interesting and varied night of art, the range of work not done justice by these few photos here.

Estelle Woolley - ‘Ghost  Of The Summer’ Willow - ‘Unititled’ Benny McCrystal Plimmer - ‘Toilettenpapier Mauer’ Willow - ‘Unititled’ Willow - ‘Unititled’ Willow - ‘Unititled’ Estelle Woolley - ‘Ghost  Of The Summer’ Gabrielle Anderson & Robert James Maclese - ‘Chaste’

Benny McCrystal Plimmer - ‘Toilettenpapier Mauer’

Benny McCrystal Plimmer – ‘Toilettenpapier Mauer’

Gabrielle Anderson & Robert James Maclese - ‘Chaste’

Rafael Perez to guest at White Night

Rafael Perez is an artist who has been doing sculpture for the past 4 years in the city of Manchester.

Rafael has recently exhibited at the Manchester Free for Arts Festival, and currently exhibiting a collection of three dimensional paintings at the Eighth Day Cafe on Oxford Road:

Rafael – “I see the sculpture as the ultimate explorative vehicle in which to communicate thoughts and ideas, perceptions and feelings about ourselves and our contemporary situation; in order to therefore, establish a critical interest in the true human condition. In very few other ways can the viewer feel identified and connected to the work of art, than with sculpture, particularly, figurative representations of the human body”.

We can be sure of something especially thought provoking from Rafael during our night, you can see more of his current work on his website!

White night to include Mike Chevez-Dawson

The second guest artist to confirm for our White night is Mike Chevez-Dawson. He will undertake ‘Reworked Part 3’; this refers to the performance he did at The Contemporary Six gallery, for the ‘Paraphrase’ exhibition. The performance took place on Thursday 31st May 2012.

“Reworked was a responsive performance for ‘Paraphrase’ a show I devised and undertook in collaboration with fellow artist Richard Shields.

Taking the surrealist method ‘Frottage’ founded by Max Ernst in 1925, we provided variable pencil rubbings of the laser drawing ‘Details… (Portrait of Richard Shields, Inverted 09042012)’, we both reworked sections for 20minutes at a time, the performance took place on Thursday 31st May from 2.30pm until 5.30pm all drawings were available for £20 for the duration of the performance (all were purchased), afterwards the drawings escalated to £100 each (nfs).

During the performance two guest commentators made an appearance, 3pm – 4pm; Ryan Sewell twin brother of Brian an esteemed cultural critic in his own right, and from 4pm – 5pm Tim Rota associate director and curator of modern & contemporary collections. They kept a beady eye on on our activity – whilst making the odd comment and relevant quote to accompany the performance.

‘Reworked’ furthers both artists interest in value systems, labour and the participatory – alongside key issues and themes predominate in the overall ‘Paraphrase’ show.


Paper, Pencil, Laser drawing, Biro, Laptop, Furniture, Actors”

Mike recently featured within the ‘Ask A Curator’ event at the Cornerhouse, other recent projects have included; ‘The Bear Pit’, London. ‘Untitled Gallery’, PSL, Leeds. ‘Memory Flash’, Carter Presents, London. ‘Magda Archer: Crazy Mad’ Cornerhouse, Manchester. ‘Re-Covering’, Untitled Gallery, Manchester. Amongst many others.

ur:new colour white

We are putting together a new night of colour in our series of ‘art’ nights which embrace our philosophy of the experimental avant guard. The new colour in our series is White, and all that White evokes  Some of what our group and guests deliver will be literal, some not so. If you have been to previous nights then you will know just how ‘left of field’ things can be.

The first guest artist we can tell you about is Estelle Woolley. Estelle has appeared before at an ur:night, ‘Moon‘. Estelle recently won the public vote for ‘The People’s Prize’ in the annual open exhibition ‘Life, The Universe and Everything’ at The Aardvark Gallery, Chester. Other recent exhibitions have included ‘In The Woods Today“, ‘The Free For All‘ & ‘Panoply‘ amongst others. For more details about her and her work then have a look at her website or profile on Axis.

You can sign up to our Facebook group and event here, and invite anyone you want.